Silicon core tube bundle tube manufacturer's holiday notice

Oct 04,2020

All employees of the company:

According to the provisions of national statutory holidays and the actual situation of the company, the following arrangements are made for the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday:

1. The holiday period is from October 1 to October 3, a total of 3 days. Officially go to work on October 4.

2. The head of each department shall keep the 24-hour communication unblocked; Before leaving, clean up the environment in the area under your jurisdiction, power off the production equipment, close the office computer printer and other facilities, and keep valuables properly.

3. During the holiday, please pay attention to personal and property safety and return in time after the holiday to avoid delay in going to work after the holiday.

4. The working and rest time from October 4 is adjusted as follows:

8:00-11:30 am

Chinese lunch break 11:30-13:30

13:30-17:30 pm;

The dining time in the canteen shall be adjusted according to this regulation, and the production shift shall be subject to the workshop arrangement.

Wish all employees a happy holiday! good health! Everything goes well!


Jingzhou Liangcheng Technology Co., Ltd

September 30, 2020