Hunan Loudi-Xinhua Expressway

The Hunan Loudi-Xinhua Expressway (hereinafter referred to as Louxin Expressway) project is the third horizontal section of the "five vertical and seven horizontal" framework in the planning of the expressway network in Hunan Province. It is connected with the longitudinal Er-Guangzhou Expressway to form a "cross" highway network framework, starting from the Loudi Interchange of Shanghai-Kunming Expressway and ending at Shangmei Town in the south of Xinhua County. The total length of the line is 95.713 kilometers, and the estimated total investment is 6.144 billion yuan. The project is constructed according to the standard of two-way four-lane expressway, with a design speed of 100km/h, a subgrade width of 26m, and a construction period of 3 years.

Hunan Louzhou-Xinjiang Expressway

The whole line has 8.4396 million m3 of subgrade earthwork, 8.1589 million m3 of subgrade stonework, 247500 m3 of drainage works, 558500 m3 of protection works, 2068.27 km2 of pavement subbase, 8873.52 m/221 channels, 9317.34 m/286 culverts, 15206.85 m/47 large bridges, 1203.96 m/16 medium bridges, 263.31 m/7 small bridges, 20 overpasses, 6151 m/3 design tunnels, 25.7% of bridge-to-tunnel ratio, and 13.292 km/3 connecting lines.


Liangcheng silicon core tube was shortlisted in the communication silicon core tube project of Louzhou-Xinjiang Expressway Project

Hunan Louxin Expressway Construction and Development Co., Ltd. is fully responsible for the construction and development management of the project. The whole line is divided into 10 civil construction contract sections, 3 supervision contract sections and 2 design contract sections.