China Railway Electrification Bureau

Hubei Liangcheng Plastic Silicon Core Tube Products won the bid for Hengshao Expressway of China Railway Electrification Bureau

The Hunan Hengyang-Shaoyang (hereinafter referred to as Hengshao) Expressway Project, which our company won the bid, is an important part of the "five vertical and seven horizontal" project of the Hunan Provincial Expressway Network Plan, and also the main traffic channel connecting Hengyang and Shaoyang, two important prefecture-level cities in Hunan Province, and is a key construction project of the state and Hunan. The project is invested, constructed, operated, maintained and managed by Shanghai Zhida Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 4.464 billion yuan.

The total length of Hengyang-Shao Expressway is 130.579 km, including 61104 km of Hengyang section. The whole line is constructed according to the standard of two-way four-lane expressway, with a design speed of 100 km/h, a subgrade width of 26 meters, and asphalt concrete pavement. The whole line is priced with 204.12 million cubic meters of earthwork and stonework, 2.9 million square meters of pavement works, 39 major bridges, 13 medium bridges, 463 channels and culverts, 9 interchanges, 14 separate interchanges and 24 overpasses. It includes 9 interchanges, including Songmutang, Xidu, Yanpi, Jinlan Temple, Shetian, Xiancha Bridge, Fanjiashan Hub, Shaoyang North and Yantang, and two service areas, Xidu and Huochangping, including 4 interchanges and 1 service area in Hengyang. The route passes through Shigu District, Hengyang County, Shaodong County, Shuangqing District and Xinshao County of Shaoyang City.  

Through the leader of the material department of Party A of Heng-Shao Expressway and the project contractor, General Manager Xu of Heng-Shao Expressway TD1 Project Department of China Railway Electrification Bureau, came to Hubei Liangcheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. for a two-day inspection, and finally carefully selected our company's silicon core tube and other related products, and put forward strict requirements for the products. As follows:

1、 Product quality commitment.

We hereby make the following commitment to the HDPE silicon core pipe (40/33mm) material ordered in the TD1 bid of Hengshao Expressway:

1. Quality standard

The silicon core pipes provided comply with (1) the design documents and technical specifications of traffic engineering of Hengshao Expressway; (2) Comply with the relevant provisions of the industry standard "High Density Polyethylene Silicone Core Plastic Pipe".

2. Quality responsibility

We will organize the production and transportation. After the goods arrive at the construction site, the supervising engineer or the project department will organize the sampling inspection. Once the materials are found not to meet the requirements (subject to the inspection results of the traffic engineering supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of Communications), the project department has the right to order Party B to exchange and return the goods, and we will bear the losses caused to the project department.

2、 Supply capacity commitment.

1. The specification of the goods is HDPE φ 40/33 silicon core tube (color stripe on black background), and meet the quality standards required by this contract. The disk table and color code shall be subject to the written notice or fax of Hengshao TD1 Bid Project Department.

2. After the contract is signed by both parties, the project department shall send the distribution list, purchase notice, and the purchase notice of the project department to Party B by fax 10 days before the goods are needed, which shall specify the color code, specification, quantity, delivery time, location, designated goods signer and contact information; Within 10 days after receiving the above fax, the goods will arrive at the buyer's site, and the representative of the project department will inspect the goods on site and sign for acceptance. The unqualified products can be rejected.

3. We will organize production and supply according to the written notice or fax requirements of the project department to ensure timely supply and good quality service.

3、 After-sales service commitment.

We strive to provide comprehensive technical support to our customers. And provide technical guidance for the whole process of construction.