Jingzhou Zhanlong Trenchless Company

Hubei Liangcheng Plastic Industry Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Jingzhou Jiangling Zhanlong Trenchless Engineering Co., Ltd
On June 5, 2011, after the introduction and recommendation of a friend, Mr. Li and his delegation from Hubei Jingzhou Jiangling Zhanlong Trenchless Engineering Company came to the company for investigation. The company was founded by several retired military cadres, and was specially engaged in urban and urban trenchless construction for the telecommunication, mobile, Unicom and other communication departments in several counties and cities near Jingzhou. They recognized our company's product production process control, including material selection, product quality and price. After the final inspection, we ordered 5000 meters of seven-hole plum blossom pipe jacking and 3000 meters of PE pipe jacking from our company on the spot, and signed a long-term purchase cooperation plan. According to the construction of the five-hole and seven-hole plum blossom pipe jacking produced by our company on the construction site, it should be said that the effect is good, and the site has been praised by the leaders of Jiangling Telecom, saying that we are trustworthy engineering material suppliers. In the future, according to the actual needs of the construction site of the engineering company, we will develop the engineering trenchless pipeline with low price and good quality to thank friends from all walks of life for their love and support.