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Steel mesh skeleton PE composite pipe

product description   

The steel mesh skeleton plastic (PE) composite pipe is made of high-strength steel wire and polyethylene plastic as the raw material, with the high-strength steel wire wound and formed as the core layer, and the high-density polyethylene plastic as the inner and outer layers to form the whole pipe wall. A new type of composite structural wall pipe. The composite pipe is added to the steel wire reinforced mesh, which not only greatly improves the pressure resistance of the pipe than the PE solid wall pipe, but also retains the excellent corrosion resistance and waterless scale of the PE solid wall pipe. The reinforcement is coated in a continuous thermoplastic to ensure the isolation of the steel wire from the outside, so that the service life of the steel wire is longer, and the long-term pressure resistance of the steel pipe is ensured. The wire mesh is wound and formed, so that the composite pipe has a certain flexibility in the axial direction while ensuring a low linear expansion coefficient, and the environment is highly adaptable. Pipes are widely used in the field of water supply and gas supply, and are new and practical pipes.


● It has higher compressive strength and creep resistance.

● It has more rigid impact resistance than ordinary pure plastic pipes, similar to the low linear expansion coefficient of steel pipes.

●The inner wall is smooth, no scaling, the frictional resistance of the water flow is small, the water delivery capacity is large, and the energy consumption is reduced.

●The corrosion resistance is good, the inner and outer layers of the pipe are the whole material layer, and have the same excellent anti-offing performance as the plastic pipe.

● Light weight, convenient for loading and unloading.

●It adopts electrofusion connection, which is quick and convenient to construct and the joint does not leak.

●Because it is a composite of steel and plastic materials, it overcomes the rapid stress cracking of plastic pipes.

●Good anti-wear performance, under normal use, the service life is 50 years.

Application field

● Municipal engineering: water supply and drinking water transportation for urban buildings;

●Chemical industry: process tubes and discharge pipes for transporting corrosive liquids in industries such as acid, alkali, salt, textile, printing and dyeing;

● Metallurgical mines: transportation of corrosive media in mining, non-ferrous metal pulp and non-ferrous metal smelting;

● Oilfield gas field: transportation of oil and other long-distance pipelines;

● Agricultural irrigation pipe.


Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes



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