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The silicon core tube products won the first place in the “Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes” for two consecutive years.

PVC cross tube

product description   

PVC cross tube is a special tube developed by Liangcheng Technology for power cable users. The PVC resin is used as the main material, and the auxiliary materials such as anti-vibration agent and stabilizer are added, and the high-temperature mold is extruded at a high speed. The product has the characteristics of high strength, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, good insulation performance, no pollution, no aging, and light weight; that is, the product function of PVC four-hole grating tube, It has the characteristics of convenient installation of PVC solid wall round pipe and strong buried pressure bearing capacity, saving labor and convenient and quick construction.

Product specifications

Common specifications and models:

The outer diameter is 110mm, the outer wall is 3.0mm thick, the inner diameter is 2.0mm, and the length is 6000mm;

When the customer has special requirements, the PVC cross tube of other specifications and models can also be produced after consultation between the supplier and the buyer.

Application field

● Urban power grid construction and transformation

●City Municipal Reconstruction Project

●Civil Aviation Airport Engineering Construction

●Engineering park, community project construction

●Transportation, road and bridge construction

●Urban street light cable laying

●Telecom communication, cable TV signal metropolitan area network cable and cable laying sheathed pipe network


Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes



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