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The silicon core tube products won the first place in the “Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes” for two consecutive years.

MPP high and low voltage power tube

product description   

MPP power pipe adopts modified polypropylene as the main raw material. It is a construction project that lays out pipes and cables in special sections such as roads, railways, buildings and riverbeds without extensive dredging, excavation and damage to the road surface. Compared with the traditional “cavity and buried pipe method”, the non-excavation power pipe project is more suitable for the current environmental protection requirements, and removes the disturbance factors such as dust flying and traffic jam caused by traditional construction. This technology can also be implemented in some cases. Pipelined in areas where excavation operations are carried out, such as historic sites, downtown areas, crop and farmland protection areas, highways, rivers, etc.


●Excellent electrical insulation.

● It has high heat distortion temperature and low temperature impact performance.

●The tensile and compressive properties are higher than HDPE.

● Light weight, smooth, low friction main force, hot melt welding butt joint.

● Long-term use temperature is 5 ~ 70 °C.

Application field

● Municipal, telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, heat and other pipeline projects.

● Urban and rural non-excavation horizontal directional drilling power pipe project, and open excavation power pipe project.

● Urban and rural non-excavation horizontal directional drilling into the sewage discharge pipe project. Industrial wastewater discharge project.


Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes



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