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  • super smooth double layer PP-R home improvement tube

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The silicon core tube products won the first place in the “Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes” for two consecutive years.

super smooth double layer PP-R home improvement tube

product description   

PPR pipe is a new generation of environmentally friendly products. In addition to the general plastic pipe material, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance, non-fouling and long service life. It also has good hygienic performance, good heat resistance, low thermal conductivity and heat preservation. Energy-saving, hot-melt connection, easy installation, reliable connection, materials can be recycled, is a veritable green building materials.


● Excellent physical and chemical properties, chemical resistance, high impact strength, low fluid resistance, 30% higher flow rate than cast iron pipes of the same diameter, anti-aging, long service life, and service life of not less than 50 years. It is an ideal material for building drainage and sewage discharge. .

● Lightweight and durable, easy to install, and powerfully speed up the progress of the project.

● Saving construction costs, which can greatly reduce construction costs compared to cast iron pipes of the same specification.

●The company's products are designed in double-layer and double-color, the outer layer is light-shielding layer, opaque green or purple, and the inner layer is white special lubricating layer to ensure smooth and non-scaling inner wall, smoother water flow; overall color is beautiful, bright Smooth, healthy and healthy. After the national authority quality inspection, all physical and mechanical properties, health indicators are qualified, reliable quality, can be used with confidence for 50 years.


Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes



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