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PE double layer composite pipe

product description   

The double-layer composite pipe for PE water supply is obtained by our company using high-polymer co-extrusion technology, and the two materials are fully integrated and extruded at the composite pipe production line. It has the universality of climbing PE pipes and has better hygiene. The color and appearance are the same as those of the PE water supply pipe, except that the inner wall of the double-layer composite pipe for PE water supply is pure white.


●The outer layer of PE water double-layer composite pipe adopts polyethylene compounding, and the inner layer adopts the same grade and grade of polyethylene color material to prevent the application of waste and recycled materials, ensuring that the quality of the pipeline is safer and healthier.

● The white color layer of the double-layer composite pipe for PE water supply can avoid the aging of the resin caused by the free chlorine remaining in the drinking water, eliminate the secondary pollution of the urban water supply, and greatly improve the service life of the pipeline system.

Application field

● Town water supply. PE pipeline has the comprehensive advantages of safety, sanitation and convenient construction, and has become an ideal pipe for urban water supply.

● Natural gas and gas transmission pipelines. Due to the reliable connection, stable performance, easy construction and corrosion resistance of PE pipes, it is the only choice for medium and low gas pipelines.

●Food, chemical industry. PE pipe has unique chemical resistance, can be used for the transportation or discharge of various acid-base salt solutions, long service life, low cost and low maintenance cost.

● Mineral sand and mud transportation. The PE pipe has four times the wear resistance of steel pipes, and can be widely used for conveying ore, fly ash from power plants, mud dredging in rivers, and the like.

● Replace cement pipes, cast iron pipes and steel pipes. For the old pipe renovation of the original cement pipe and cast iron pipe laid in the city, the PE pipe can be directly inserted into the old pipe for replacement without large-area excavation. The construction cost is low and the construction time is short, which is especially suitable for the old city. Pipeline transformation.

● Landscaping pipe network. Landscaping requires a large number of water pipelines, and PE pipelines are low in cost and worthy of promotion.

● Other applications. PE pipes can also be widely used in other fields, such as electric power, communication sheath, farm irrigation, landfill, geothermal air conditioning, deep farming, buried fire protection pipelines, etc.


Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes



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