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The silicon core tube products won the first place in the “Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes” for two consecutive years.

PVC/PE bellows

PVC double-wall corrugated pipe is a new type of lightweight pipe. The inner wall is smooth and flat, the outer wall is trapezoidal corrugated, and there is a hollow wall between the inner and outer walls. Its unique pipe wall structure makes this pipe have large ring stiffness and light weight. It is characterized by high pressure resistance, good toughness, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, convenient construction, low installation cost and long service life. It is widely used in municipal renovation projects, construction, industrial and agricultural drainage, agricultural water saving irrigation, sewage treatment projects, Railways, highway communications, large terminals, port projects, large airports and other fields. It is the best substitute for traditional cement pipes, cast iron pipes and other materials.

HDPE corrugated pipe and PVC corrugated pipe are environmentally friendly and non-toxic pipe. From the aspect of cost: PVC bellows has lower cost, cheaper price, higher modulus, weather resistance and flexibility, and PVC pipe explosion The chlorine ion produced combines with the stabilizer to produce toxic gas. Therefore, the PVC material is only suitable for the production of pipes with a diameter of 400 mm or less, so it is generally suitable for civil construction pipes. HDPE bellows can produce large diameters up to 800mm, which is generally suitable for municipal sewage projects.


Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes



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