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  • HDPE city non-excavation buried pipe

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The silicon core tube products won the first place in the “Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes” for two consecutive years.

HDPE city non-excavation buried pipe

product description

The HDPE underground pipe jacking produced by Liangcheng Technology is produced by the international advanced polyethylene pipe extrusion line. Due to its unique screen basket head design, advanced barrier screw and IKV forced into the extrusion system, the raw material is fully melted. Plasticization ensures that polyethylene pipes have excellent resistance to rapid and slow cracking during use.


● Corrosion resistance The corrosion resistance of PE pipes allows pipes to be used to transport certain corrosive liquids such as acids and alkalis, and can be installed in corrosive environments such as swamps and humid.

● Light weight The PE pipe is light in weight and has the characteristics of easy transportation and installation, thus saving installation costs.

● Impact resistance PE pipes have high impact resistance and are therefore not easily broken or damaged during installation and construction.

●Flexibility The good flexibility of the PE pipe allows the pipe to be easily placed along the trench, easily avoiding obstacles during the laying process and adjusting the settlement of the pipe foundation in the swamp and soft soil areas.

●Abrasion resistance The mortar wear test proves that the PE pipe life is more than 4 times that of the steel pipe.

●UV-resistant PE pipe material has anti-UV agent, which can be placed outdoors or outdoors.

Smooth inner surface PE pipe has a smooth inner surface, low energy loss, and is less likely to deposit in the pipe.

●High connection strength PE pipe can be welded by fusion method, which can ensure the strength of the interface and avoid leakage.

● Non-toxic The Liangcheng PE pipeline has been inspected by the relevant health department and is approved for use.

●Long life The life of PE pipes can last for more than 50 years.


Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes



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