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What is the confidence that PE water supply pipes dominate i


What is the difference between PE water supply pipes and other water supply pipes? Why can PE water supply pipes dominate?

China high speed Exhibition: Liangcheng technology functiona


From August 27th to 28th, the 22nd China Expressway Informatization Conference was grandly held in Chongqing International Exhibition Center. Jingzhou Liangchen

Liangcheng Technology meets you at the 22nd China Expressway


Liangcheng Technology meets you at the 22nd China Expressway Information Conference

liang cheng's 2019 year-end review


Liangcheng technology focuses on plastic pipe production and research, and is committed to building a leading plastic pipe brand at home and abroad. Free hotlin

NO1.: Liangcheng technology HPDE silicon core tube passed ct


Liangcheng technology HPDE silicon core tube The first domestic manufacturer passing passed ctvic authority certification,

Taihui Express Owners Expert Liangcheng Technology


On July 3, representatives of Taihui Express and some 4 experts from the industry came to Jingzhou Liangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. to inspect the silicon core t

Quality assurance commitment


Everything is centered on the customer value, so that the households who use the “Guangcheng” pipeline passengers have a superior sense of superiority and a str

Top Ten Brands of China's Silicon Core Tubes



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